The Great Forest National Park Report

An analysis of the economic and social benefits of the proposed Great Forest National Park

The Great Forest National Park

This report breaks down the benefit that can reasonably be expected to eventuate from the development of the Great Forest National Park. It breaks these benefits down across 5 categories.

Who prepared this report?

The report was prepared by Hamish Scully as part of the Parliamentary Internship Program.

Wildlife conservation

The GFNP will provide habitat and conservation areas for near extinct wildlife and plants including the Leadbeater’s possum, Sooty Owl, Powerful Owl, Yellow-bellied Gliders, Greater Gliders and the Smoky Mouse.

Water catchment protection

The proposal will provide for the protection of the water catchments of Melbourne, LaTrobe and the Goulburn Murray regions.

Tourism and ecotourism

The proposal has the capability to encourage tourism and eco-tourism, which already provide a good return to the state, and provide economic stimulation to multiple types of businesses and communities.

Benefit to the climate

The reduction of native forest logging and sequestration of carbon in old growth forests left standing will benefit the climate and can be considered a positive step towards action on climate change.

Cultural and social values

The proposal would provide for better health of local communities, both physically and mentally, as well as respecting the cultural values of many indigenous Australians, especially those local to the areas.

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of Victorians support the GFNP proposal

Minutes drive from the CBD

thousand proposed hectares of park

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